Our values are the core of the brand. Every decision we make and every action we take, from design to communication, should represent these core values.

Passion is the driving force in our business and it is our wish to share the enjoyment of our valuable products, along with inspiring through our excitement for scandinavian identity, design and quality. We are dedicated to what we do.

In  Motion
We are proud of our setup, and we are driven by being in constant motion.
We always want to improve - Our employees, our customers and our interests, the way we process our commodities, our production and our design. 
We do it to develop as a brand, and to create the highest value for those in our community.

Authenticity is an important asset in our values. It is the root of everything that we are. We take our scandinavian identity, our focus on responsibility and transparency, and combine it with the environments and cultures we meet.
Our scandinavian roots, the details in our design and crafts are essential. It is here we show who we are, both internally and externally.
We are present, real and cherish the soft values. This is fundamental in our setup.


- This is the way we live.